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We buy and sell used baby items

Welcome to WeBuyPrams

In 2019, we became first-time moms. What a job and experience it has been! During the first few weeks we quickly discovered what we needed to take on this role as a new mom. We began realizing which products we used the most, and which products were a smart buy / not-so-smart buy. The biggest thing we realized, however, was how quickly our babies outgrew the convenient products that we bought! This was when the idea hit us – we could help other mothers buy smart and convenient products, and then also help them sell items that could still be used by other moms.

If most of our products and equipment are still in good condition, then we know that many other moms are sitting with the same problem – with everything from baby prams and car seats, to cots and chairs. Our platform has been created to reach out to moms through our experience with baby products, the postpartum journey and tips and tricks to help others.

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